Nepenthes 'Diana'

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Nepenthes ‘Diana’ is a beautiful hybrid named after the lovely Diana Cantley who is the world's most prolific Nepenthes breeder.  This variety is almost certainly the world's most vigorous Nepenthes.  The cross is between a red Nepenthes ampullaria and Nepenthes (ventricosa x sibuyanensis). This plant is amazingly robust and can be grown in conditions from lowland to highland tropical.  It would make an excellent windowsill or terrarium plant and has even been grown as a semi-aquatic plant by some growers (see photos, note we generally recommend to pot it in Nepenthes soil). It also tolerates wet conditions quite well due to its ampullaria parentage and is able to thrive even being tray watered unlike most Nepenthes.  

See our Nepenthes growing guide for more information on how to grow them.

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