Due to record lows in the Austin area, we are holding all plant shipments until the week of 2/22

Carnivero Inventory Update Continues Through July

We've got so much inventory, we're continuing to roll out our update through July.  If you'd like your order held to combine shipping then please leave a comment on your order at checkout.

1. HUGE Inventory Update on Nepenthes, Sarracenia and more...

We've got so much inventory that we're continuing to upload new product on a daily basis through the end of July.  We're also restocking many items.  Many very desirable items such as Nepenthes hamata x edwardsiana, burbidgeae x edwardsiana, lowii x campanulata have been uploaded recently.  Many more updates to come from Carnivero's in house breeding, Borneo Exotics, Exotica Plants, Christian Klein, Malesiana Tropicals and amazing plants from other rarely seen sources.  Check our website frequently and use our new website functionality described below to be alerted of inventory updates.  If you'd like us to hold your items to ship all at once then simply leave a comment on your order.  Any excess shipping will be refunded when you close your order.

2. Lower Shipping Rates

We've finished fine tuning our shipping calculator in order to give customers the most value out of their shipping options.  In most cases, 2 small or medium bare-root plants can be shipped USPS First Class.

3. Website Plant Request Capabilities
We've added a notification button for out-of-stock inventory.  This is a way for you to be notified when a plant is back in stock.  Also by using this option, we'll know which plants you're looking for and can prioritize which inventory to re-stock.

4. Enhanced User Experience

Enhanced search capability throughout the website.  Our default search will move all out-of-stock items behind in stock items.  But you'll still be able to find the out-of-stock items to make requests.  We've also broken out different collections for Hybrids and Species (for the purists).

5. Carnivero Swag!

 We've got a new logo and have T-shirts available.





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