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Anthurium forgetii-Etsy/ebay

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Anthurium forgetii has round, velvety leaves with intricate veins that stand out in any collection.  It's a fast, easy grower under most household conditions and stays compact enough that it won't require its own spare bedroom.

Plants for sale here are all grown from seed and are genetically distinct individuals.

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The recommended plant temperature shipping ranges are as follows:

Tropical plants (35F-100F)

If there are any plant health issues upon arrival, please contact us within 48 hours of receipt of the plant and provide photos.  We’ll quickly address any issues. Plants are shipped USPS.  Plants will be shipped unpotted with their roots wrapped in sphagnum moss unless otherwise indicated.  Plants are shipped to all 50 US States and Puerto Rico. International shipment of plants is not available at this time.

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