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[A131] Nepenthes (Rokko x boschiana) x veitchii (Unpotted)

Nepenthes (Rokko x boschiana) x veitchii is stunning cross that produces widely flared peristomes, squat shapes and beautiful color gradients.  The “secret recipe” behind much of these genetics comes from the extremely wide peristome (Rokko x boschiana) female used in the cross.  The cross has been redone a few times with different veitchii male parents and most of the progeny have been outstanding.  Here, we used the same female (Rokko x boschiana) as previous greges with a beautiful veitchii (k) we refer to as 'Orange Fade" due to the color gradient it shows from the interior to exterior of the peristome.  We expect a wide range of colors and definitely elaborate peristome and pitchers shapes.  The first photo shows a couple variants of (Rokko x boschiana) x veitchii from our breeding stock.  Plants will be selected at random according to size.

This product is considered a Intermediate Tropical plant.  Please see our Shipping and Guarantees policy for cold/hot weather shipping guidelines.

This plant will be shipped unpotted. You can add Pots and Soil or Hanging Baskets a la carte.

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