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Live Sale and Auction Rules

  • We reserve the right to cancel any sales and remove any viewer from the live show if they are causing a disturbance. This includes spamming, trolling, cursing, making rude comments, or any other inappropriate behavior. Please be kind and understanding to other community members and to the Carnivero staff. Only the Carnivero staff has the right to torment Drew. 
  • We accept bids in $5 increments.
  • We do NOT allow protection bids, they can cause confusion and an unfair advantage. We’d rather have a fun back-and-forth than an all-in mentality. If you outbid yourself, we will take the highest bid. Bid with intention.
  • We definitely allow sniping, snipe away!
  • When an auction ends, we kindly ask that you put “done” in the chat. After you enter “done” please help us by putting the username from the last bid that you saw. This helps to account for everyone’s lag, and makes the auction results fair. Otherwise, we would just be taking the last bid that we see, which often is NOT the last bid that came in. Due to this, we go by community consensus.
  • Please keep in mind that Instagram has a pretty significant lag. This means that you will ALWAYS see your bid first, on occasion making you think that you won an auction. This can cause confusion, which is why we ask the community to help us at the end of an auction. If you know your lag, you can win auctions more often. So, do some testing. 😄
  • If a consensus cannot be reached, meaning there is a pretty even split, we will use a random number generator to decide the winner.
  • First-to-say sales will work the same way. The winner will be determined by community consensus. 
  • We will DM you after you win a plant so we can start on your invoice (this may take a few days). If you have a private account, please reach out to us.
  • Invoices will be sent out as soon as possible, but please keep in mind that we are a very small business and these live auctions are new to us. So, please be patient.
  • All invoices must be paid within 48 hours of receiving. 
  • If you do not pay your invoice on multiple occasions, we reserve the right to prevent you from winning an auction in the future. 
  • If any kind of issue arises, we will do our very best to resolve it. We are here to have fun just like you, and we don’t want anything getting in the way of that! 
  • If you have any feedback for us, please DM us instead of putting it in the chat, or email us at

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