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Sizing Guide

For most items, there is a size indication on the drop down menu of the product page of each plant.


Size indicated by leaf span across the entire plant.  We measure across the two largest leaves, excluding the tendrils and pitchers. 

Extra small (XS) - <2" leafspan
Small - 2"-3" leafspan
Medium - 3"-6" leafspan
Large - 6"-12" leafspan
Extra Large (XL) - >12" leafspan  
XXL - Huge plants that are vining and of flowering size

Note: There are a few species that are true minatures (such as N. argentii).  For those, we will still use these sizing guidelines but will indicate what the mature size of the plant will be.
Sizing Images
Extra small (XS) - Young plants at least a couple years away from flowering size.  Usually these are seedlings that are 1-1.5 years old.
Small  - Likely will flower in 1-2 seasons.  For divisions: single point division with roots. For seed grown plants: roughly 1.5-2.5 years old
Medium  - Will flower this season or next.  For divisions: single point division with roots. For seed grown plants: roungly 2.5-3 years old
Large - Flowering sized plants with good roots. The rhizomes are quite chunky, some with multiple points.
Extra Large (XL)  - Specimen sized plant with very large rhizome and multiple growing points. 

Extra small (XS) - Seedling sized plants that are 2 years from maturity.  Usually around 1" in diameter
Small - Juvenile plants that will usually be mature, flowering size in 1-2 years
Medium - Young, mature plants that are near flowering size. 
Large - Mature plants that are at flowering size.

Small - Young plants with immature pitchers
Medium - Plants with at least 1 mature pitcher
Large - Plants with 2-3 mature pitchers
Extra Large (XL) - Flowering sized plants

Small: Young plants with immature traps
Medium: Plants with adult traps usually around 1/2" in height.
Large: Plants near flowering size with traps around 3/4" in height or larger
Extra Large (XL: Flowering sized plants with traps 1" in height or larger. These will have multiple growing points.

Other Genera

Please read the description since the species to species variability is may be so high that it's best for us to describe the size for each listing.



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