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Pre-order Terms

We sometimes sell plants categorized as Pre-order items.  Generally, this means that plants are being sold after being imported from an international supplier.  These plants are guaranteed to be healthy but may be experiencing some stress or may have some non-critical damage to the plant.  Due to their long journey, the plants will require proper growing conditions to be properly acclimated.    We offer no guarantees beyond live arrival for these plants.  Pre-order plants are intended for experienced growers only and if you are in doubt about your growing conditions, we do not recommend purchasing these. 

Since the plants have been in transit, we need to get them to you quickly.  For us to guarantee live arrival, all plants purchased as pre-order items be shipped via UPS 2 day, UPS Next Day or Priority Mail Express or picked up locally within 2 days.  If you select another shipping method, we will not guarantee live arrival under any circumstances.  Pre-order plants will be shipped out separately from other items.


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