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Wholesale and Tissue Culture Terms and Conditions


Wholesale offers plants and products in bulk. To purchase from our wholesale listings, all of the following terms and conditions must be accepted.

1.) It is with understanding that at least 90% of the plants will arrive in live condition. Our 48 hour live arrival guarantee still stands, in which we require the customer to email us within 48 hours of delivery with photos of the plants for further investigation. In the event of less than 90% of plants dead on arrival, we will offer the difference of each plant in the value of store credit.
2.) Some cosmetic damage is expected and acceptable - this includes (but is not limited to), damaged leaves, yellowing leaves, broken pitchers, lack of pitchers, and so on.
3.) Products will be offered at a minimum size, but may have larger plants grouped together with them. We may add smaller plants to the order as bonus products on top of the quantity selected.
4.) We only offer quantities listed. If you are interested in a higher quantity, please feel free to email us at
5.) Many of our wholesale plants come from community trays. We will only ship these plants out once the entire community tray is sold. We will ship at our discretion at the time we see fit. Due to this, we cannot hold any wholesale orders that are tied to community trays.
6.) Plants may be shipped unpotted or potted. Unpotted plants will likely be wrapped together. Potted plants may have multiple plants in one pot. Plants may also be left untrimmed, with weeds, and so on.
7.) Unless otherwise stated, the plants will be randomly selected and we cannot guarantee any specific features.
8.) Each wholesale listing may be shipped individually at our discretion.
9.) We cannot combine wholesale orders to be shipped with other orders.
10.) We may reach out to adjust shipping fees or recommend weather protection if necessary.
11.) Local pickup orders will remain unpotted if that's the option offered. We also offer a potted option as an add-on.
12.)We reserve the right to deny any sale at our discretion.

    If these terms are not honored, we may deny future wholesale sales.



    Tissue culture are micropropagation plants produced directly from our lab. To purchase from our tissue culture listings, all of the following terms and conditions must be accepted.

    1.) Tissue culture plants are shipped in flasks with nutrient enriched agar. The contents of the flask may be jostled after shipment. This is not an issue, as the plant should be deflasked and potted out.
    2.) Tissue culture plants are sold as is. Our live arrival guarantee still stands however.
    3.) Deflasked plants need to be acclimated properly to ensure viability. Please follow our Unflasking Tissue Culture Plants Guide.
    4.) The size of the tissue culture flask may vary, as may the container.
    5.) We reserve the right to deny any sale at our discretion.

      If these terms are not honored, we may deny future tissue culture sales.

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