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Nepenthes eymae EP x eymae BE SG-Seed Pod

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Female eymae is an EP Lumut form and male eymae is from BE is the same seed batch as 3736 but seed grown. The uppers on our BE plant are consistent with eymae.

Each pod usually contains 10-30 seeds.  We can't guarantee germination since we have never grown this cross out but we have inspected all pods and they have obviously viable-looking embryos.

Nepenthes seeds are best sown on a layer of milled sphagnum moss or well leached coco peat above a more traditional Nepenthes mix.  They should be kept in a moderately well lit area (50-100 ppfd).  The seeds need to be kept wet and humid in the 60-80 temperature range and will usually germinate in 4-8 weeks.  

Seed was harvested in late July 2023.

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