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Nepenthes (lowii x veitchii JY) x (lowii x truncata 'Giant') Seed Pod

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The hybrid Nepenthes (lowii x veitchii JY) x (lowii x truncata 'Giant') promises to be exceptional! With a strong infusion of lowii genetics complemented by the robust growth and ease of cultivation from both veitchii and truncata, this cross is truly remarkable. Anticipate impressive, large woody pitchers from these hybrid pitcher plants, along with the renowned exudate that lowii is famous for, attracting rodents.

This is one seed pod containing about 10-20 seeds.  We can't guarantee germination since we have never grown this cross out but we have inspected all pods and they have obviously viable-looking embryos.

Nepenthes seeds are best sown on a layer of milled sphagnum moss or well leached coco peat above a more traditional Nepenthes mix.  They should be kept in a moderately well lit area (50-100 ppfd).  The seeds need to be kept wet and humid in the 60-80 temperature range and will usually germinate in 4-8 weeks.  

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