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Nepenthes (Splendid Diana x platychila) x veitchii (Murud x Candy) -Striped -Seed Pod

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Nepenthes (Splendid Diana x platychila) x veitchii (Murud x Candy) -Striped.  We expect some gorgeous plants with lots of vigor and elaborate peristomes given the parentage.

Each pod usually contains 25-50 seeds.  We can't guarantee germination since we have never grown this cross out but we have inspected all pods and they have obviously viable-looking embryos.

Nepenthes seeds are best sown on a layer of milled sphagnum moss or well leached coco peat above a more traditional Nepenthes mix.  They should be kept in a moderately well lit area (50-100 ppfd).  The seeds need to be kept wet and humid in the 60-80 temperature range and will usually germinate in 4-8 weeks.  

Seed was harvested in April 2023.

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