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Nepenthes veitchii (Bareo MT x "Cobra"), CAR-0267

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Nepenthes veitchii (Bareo MT x "Cobra"), CAR-0267.  We've got high hopes for this cross!  The female parent is a chocolate peristome veitchii clone from Malesiana Tropicals which has a beautiful shape and has been one of our favorites in the collection over the last 3 decades.  "Cobra" is one of the most outstanding veitchii in cultivation and has some of the best color and shape desired of a veitchii from the Bareo region. However, what really sets it apart from other veitchii is its extremely flared peristome which often stays upright resembling the hood of a Cobra.

We've got high expectations for these seedlings from this initial release!

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