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Nepenthes eymae hort (Lumut parents from EP), CAR-0442

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This is horticultural cross between two eymae clones from Lumut we received from Exotica Plants as (a) and (b) over a decade ago. 

This incredible species comes from Sulawesi and exhibits some of the most dimorphic pitchers of any in the genus.  The lower pitchers are extremely robust and exhibit a flamboyantly broad and richly colored peristome. The upper pitchers have the infundibular shape of wine glasses and have a greatly reduced lid and peristome.

Nepenthes eymae has an interesting and at times contentious ecology.  The plants that initially entered cultivation were from Lumut.  Here it seems that eymae and maxima occupy a similar ecological niche and there's frequent breeding between the 2 with a spectrum of characteristics throughout the population.  However, on other mountains such as Tambusisi, eymae and maxima grow in different ecological niches (more shaded forest vs. more exposed).  Furthermore, the leaf morphology of eymae from that locale is quite different, having nearly truncate leaves that are also extremely hirsute.  I must disclose that I have never visited Sulawesi so can't attest to these observations firsthand but I have heard this from trusted sources and the plants I grow from the locations are consistent with the descriptions here.

They are best grown as highland plants but do just fine in intermediate conditions as well in our experience. 

This pitcher plant is considered a Highland Tropical plant.  Please see our Shipping and Guarantees policy for cold/hot weather shipping guidelines.

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