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Alocasia nebula

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Alocasia nebula is one of the world's most sought-after jewel Alocasia.  Its mature coloration is otherworldly.  The leaves are a deep blue/silvery grey with 2 sets of radiating patterning, one thick and the other fine and elegant.  The undersides of the leaves are a vivid purple and the plants can get over 2 feet across.  During their juvenile stages, most plants have a green/gray coloration.

Jewel Alocasia thrive under bright light indoors and part sun - shade outdoors.  They also do very well under grow lights.  High humidity encourages new growth more quickly.  Temperatures are best between 60-85 degrees.  Good soil drainage is essential to keeping Alocasia happy.  We use a chunky mix of coconut chips, perlite and sparing sphagnum moss and make sure to let the soil dry out almost completely between waterings.  It's best to error on the side of under vs. over watering with jewel Alocasia.  Fertilizer can be used at 1/4 to 1/2 strength after plants have their roots established.  Alocasia can be particularly dramatic about shipping but bounce back quickly as long as they are not keep too wet in transit.  NEVER SOAK IN WATER.

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