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Amorphophallus titanum, Corpse Flower, Corpse Plant

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The famous corpse flower is renown for having the largest inflorescence in the world.  It blooms over a few days and produces a stench like carrion in order to attract its pollinators. 

We have found Amorphophallus titanum to be easy growers in our warm greenhouse.  We grow it in a mix of equal parts peat, perlite/pumice and orchid bark and use 1/2 strength osmocote plus applied in the soil every 6 months.  We make sure it's always above 60 degrees with high humidity.  They die down to their corms periodically and will rest for a few months before putting out new stems.  Given appropriate conditions, they will produce huge corms weighing over 100 pounds and will bloom in 5-10 years. First photo used with permission from Andrew Stevens.  Bloom at the National Botanical Gardens.  The second photo is used with permission from Bill Weaver (master A. titanum grower)

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