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Cephalotus follicularis

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Cephalotus is native to Western Australia where it grows along the seashores on the coast in mediterranean-like climates.  It is totally unique amongst carnivores and the genus is monotypic. It develops 2 types of leaves, one carnivorous and the other foliar.  The carnivorous leaves are mocassin-like and can be very colorful when grown with strong lighting.

Generally, we’ve found Cephalotus to prefer to be kept wet but not waterlogged with water very low in salts (<100ppm).  Though the plants certainly appreciate high humidity (>60%), they do not like their leaves remaining constantly wet. More sun exposure produces smaller, but more colorful pitchers whereas larger pitchers to are produced in shadier conditions.  They really seem to thrive under artificial lights such as fluorescents and LEDs. We’ve found Cephalotus best grown with day temps between 65-85 degrees and a night time temperature drop (45-60). They are tolerant of warmer temperatures for a few weeks but temps over 100 should be avoided.  They should be kept above freezing. Colder temperatures and a shorter photoperiod in winter will give the plant its required rest period.


Small sized plants have juvenile pitcher.  Medium sized plants will have adult leaves and pitchers and will be sized for a 3-4" pot.  Large size will have multiple growth points.

This product is considered a Highland Tropical.  Please see our Shipping and Guarantees policy for cold/hot weather shipping guidelines.

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