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Nepenthes veitchii Kelabit Highlands

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There's a wide range of amazing forms of Nepenthes veitchii throughout Borneo and many are underrepresented in cultivation.  This for is from the Kelabit Highlands. The area includes the village of Bakalalan and also surrounding peaks like Gunung Murud and Batu Lawi. The forms here produce stunningly flared peristomes and have an upright growth habit with some even climbing trees. This is a stark contrast to the prostrate forms in the immediate vicinity of Bareo (also considered part of the Kelabit Highlands) that produce especially squat pitchers often resting on the ground and stems which snake across leaf litter, logs and rocks. 

If we had to pick a favorite species of carnivorous plant then Nepenthes veitchii would certainly be in the running.  Most veitchii in cultivation are descendants of plants found at intermediate elevations.  However, we have found that veitchii is very tolerant of a wide range of temperatures and have grown them well in our lowland, intermediate and highland houses.  We've found that veitchii really prefers good drainage and we recommend using an open mix with net pots.

Note: The plants for sale originally came labeled as "Bareo Highlands, Mostly striped".  Based on our observations in the area, this form almost certainly came from the greater Kelabit Highlands area outside of Bareo/ Pa U'mor.

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