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Venus Flytrap- Dionaea muscipula Slacks Giant

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This cultivar, known as 'Slack's Giant', truly lives up to its name with its impressive size. and striking coloration. The traps boast a deep red interior that extends to the cilia (teeth). Additionally, it produces elegant white flowers on tall stems above the foliage. Remarkably effective at capturing bothersome insects like flies and mosquitoes, it's a standout in any garden. Isolated by Adrian Slack, it's a testament in cultivating remarkable plant varieties.

The Venus flytrap grows alongside other carnivores in boggy, open savannahs.  For many years, misinformation spread that stated flytraps were hard to grow or required very stringent horticultural requirements.  Fortunately, this couldn’t be farther from the truth! The Venus flytrap is a hardy plant, capable of being grown outdoors in nearly every state in the USA (some winter accommodation may be required for harsh northern winters and for desert summers).  Our plants grow outside in the burning Texas sun year round and have even taken cold fronts down to 15 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter with no ill effects. See our Venus flytrap growing guide for more information. 

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