The Story Behind the Carnivero Logo

Carnivero logo

There's an origins story for every superhero and the Carnivero persona is no exception.  Right after college, I lived in a house with a bunch of guys and, at the time, the nursery was just a sideline business.  I'd spend late nights working in a makeshift lab and grow area in the sun room.  On a drunken evening, one of the guys said that between my scientific background and fighting abilities (I was a division 1 wrestler in college) that I was just 1 tragic lab accident away from becoming a superhero or super-villain.  He started calling me Carnivero and the name stuck.

But what would the emblem be?  Well, I did some exploring and the concept of the Aztec Ollin resonated.  It symbolizes constant transformation and change in the universe, much along the lines of how these amazing plants have transformed and evolved over millennia.  I reached out to my friend and creative product developer, Jose Padilla, who came up with this awesome logo incorporating elements of my favorite plants and the Ollin.

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