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This is an amazing cultivar of Nepenthes ampullaria originally from Indonesia and distributed to nurseries throughout Asia before coming to the USA.  This is the same clone called "OMB2" from Thailand.  The cultivar description can be found on the ICPS page here.  The pitcher body is deep purple/black with striking lime/purple striping.  On top of that, the leaves exhibit a black "variegation" which is expressed in varying amounts based on the plant's conditions.  The clone is male and the black "variegation" often passes on to its offspring.

NOTE: We have noticed that as this cultivar gets established or is grown in cooler temperatures its pitchers may be a lighter purple and the variegation may not be as dense.  

Large Nepenthes ampullaria can be sensitive to root disturbance so we always recommend keeping them in extremely high humidity (>90%) as they get established.  We recommend the bag acclimation method detailed in our Nepenthes growing guide.

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