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Alocasia baginda 'Silver Dragon'

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Alocasia 'Silver Dragon', another fantastic Jewel Alocasia, shares characteristics with the highly sought after Alocasia 'Dragon Scale' with its bullate leaf, intricate venation, and pale pink to maroon abaxial venation. The silver-blue leaves of Alocasia 'Silver Dragon' deepen to a dark sage-blue around the main vein offering a stunning contrast that accentuates the deeply textured leaf surface. New growth emerges bright green with faint pink abaxial venation, both leaf surfaces become richer shades as the leaf matures.

Jewel Alocasia thrive in bright light indoors and part sun - shade outdoors. When growing inside supplemental light and humidity would be appreciated and encourage new, quicker growth. Grown outside Alocasia must be brought inside when temperatures drop below 55*. Provide chunky, quick-draining media, a standard 'Jungle' or 'Aroid' mix amended with a slow-release fertilizer or top-dressed with worm castings.

Good drainage is key to keeping Alocasia happy. Avoid root/corm issues by allowing to fully dry between waterings. Moisture meters are especially helpful for the home grower as Alocasia are quite sensitive to both over and under watering. Like other thick-leaved Alocasia, allow to fully dry between watering, use a fast-draining potting mix and provide bright light. Jewel Alocasia are far less tolerant of moist soil than the other thinner leaf varieties.

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