Alocasia cuprea

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This tropical aroid's large, metallic leaves make it a great addition to any collection.   The iridescent leaves emerge a copper, green with a light pink sheen. As the leaves mature, the green color deepens but the pink remains opalescent, becoming more noticeable as light reflects off the leaf. Mature leaves are deeply corrugated with the recessed veins  appearing nearly black at some angles, which offers a stunning contrast to the rich satiny maroon color of the leaf undersides. 

Jewel Alocasia thrive in bright light indoors and part sun - shade outdoors. When growing inside, supplemental light and humidity would be appreciated to encourage new growth. Jewel Alocasia must be brought inside when temperatures drop below 55 and they don't appreciate being much over 90 degrees.  These plants prefer a very well drained media and will not tolerate consistently wet conditions.  We use our standard aroid mix, which consists of 5:2:1 leached coconut chips:perlite: sphagnum moss.  Good drainage is key to keeping Alocasia happy long term.  Avoid root/corm issues by allowing the media to fully dry out between waterings.

This product is considered a Lowland Tropical. Please see our Shipping and Guarantees policy for cold/hot weather shipping guidelines.

Plants for sale are currently growing in 3.5" pots and pushing out new growth and have abundant roots (see the surface roots in the photos).  This plant will be ready to bump up  to new pots as soon as it acclimates to its new home.

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