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Anthurium warocqueanum, Queen Anthurium

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Hands down our favorite species in the genus - also known as the Queen Anthurium!  Anthurium warocqueanum is known as the Queen Anthurium and it's easy to see why.  The species can produce leaves up to 4 feet long.  It appreciates high humidity, good soil drainage and is a heavy feeder.  We recommend an extended release fertilizer such as osmocote/nutricote applied at about half label strength.  We grow our plants in our warm greenhouse; however, we've seen other specimens grown very well in greenhouses targeted for cooler growers.  The preference for the individual plant may depend on ecotype or it could be that many plants just aren't that sensitive to temperature specifically.

It's reported that there are a range of ecotypes of warocqueanum with some exhibiting darker, more narrow leaves while others are greener and wider.  Leaf appearance can be polymorphic based on conditions and age so it's difficult to discern which ecotype the plants available here represent with certainty but most seem to be on the dark and narrow side compared to others we've raised at a similar size.

Plants for sale are well established with good roots (most you can see at the surface of the pot if you look closely).

The green form seedlings for sale are selfing from a giant Hawaiian plant owned by Angela Blakely.

This product is considered an Intermediate Tropical plant.  Please see our Aroid Shipping guidelines and Shipping and Guarantees policy.

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