Dwarf Brazilian Banana

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Dwarf Brazilian Banana
Fast growing sweet banana variety grows up to 10-15' tall, is tolerant of poor soil, and can be grown in full shade or sun. This versatile banana is suitable for growing in-ground or in containers, requires less water than other Hawaiian varieties, and is one of the most cold hardy of the edible bananas, tolerating temperatures to 15°. Dwarf Brazilian Bananas are prized for their sweetness and can be used in the same way as the standard Cavendish.

The leaves of the Dwarf Brazilian Banana can reach 3 feet in length and range in color from bright clover green to deep forest green. They are highly wind tolerant, making this banana a great option for open areas with little protection from wind, row plantings to provide quick coverage for privacy, or as a focal piece for a patio.

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