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Musa 'Truly Tiny' Banana Tree

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Musa 'Truly Tiny'.  This miniature Dwarf banana grows up to 3' tall and produces small clusters of fruit between 3/4 and 2" long. Hearty to 15-20° and suitable for growing in pots. Provide full to part sun outdoors (protect from late afternoon sun) and bright light indoors. As with all bananas, these miniatures are heavy feeders and drinkers. They prefer soil rich in organic matter that drains quickly and doesn't hold too much moisture.  Their compact size, distinct green foliage with red mottling, and ease of growth makes these 'Truly Tiny' bananas a great option for adding a tropical feel indoors or out. In addition, the leaves of this miniature banana are more wind resistant than other larger banana varieties making them a great candidate for balcony growing.

This product is considered a Lowland Tropical plant.  Please see our Shipping and Guarantees policy for cold/hot weather shipping guidelines.

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