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Nepenthes alata x truncata, CAR-0003

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Nepenthes alata (Giant x Luzon) x truncata (c/d/Paisan), CAR-0003

We’re really excited about the potential for these crosses.  Back in 2016, our spectacular “alata” (Giant x Luzon)* put out a large spike which we promptly pollinated with Nepenthes truncata(c)-Giant, striped, Nepenthes truncata (d)-red, and truncata Highland Paisan Red.  Unfortunately, we were doing quite a bit of travel when the seeds matured and didn’t harvest the seeds until the pods had already begun to crack. Much of the seed fell as it was harvested which have subsequently produced these seedlings.  The pollen parents are a mix of c/d/Paisan. In any case, all the truncata males are spectacular whether it’s the Giant, striped pitchers of (c), red flush of (d) or red coloration and great striping of the Paisan form. We’ve seen previous crosses done with Giant “alata” and truncata produce extremely vigorous plants with great pitcher to leaf ratios and we expect the same from these!  They should be a great beginner plant or one to try out on a sunny windowsill over a wide range of conditions.

The first 3 photos show the pod and potential pollen parent.  The next 5 photos are representative of the size and condition of the seed grown plant that you will receive. 

*There may be some who are concerned about us using the designation of Nepenthes alata to describe the parent plant because of some of the latest taxonomic publications.  So here we'll do our best to explain the lineage.  This is the Nepenthes “alata” (q x t) as purchased from Exotica Plants with alata(q) being their “Giant” form and alata(t) being from Luzon.  The plant produces huge pitchers and is extremely vigorous for us under lowland, intermediate and highland conditions.

This product is considered a Intermediate Tropical plant.  Please see our Shipping and Guarantees policy for cold/hot weather shipping guidelines.

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