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Nepenthes campanulata, BE-3044

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Nepenthes campanulata is one of the most unique species in the genus and one of our favorites.  It is adapted to live on vertical limestone cliff faces throughout Sarawak and East Kalimantan on the island of Borneo.  It was believed to be extinct for decades due to catastrophic wildfires near its type locale. However, plants had been growing on vertical cliff faces in front of a major eco-tourist destination (Deer Cave at Mulu National Park) all along.  Since the plants prefer such out of reach growing sites, they remained unnoticed for decades. In an exciting recent development, field observations have been made from afar of campanulata-like plants growing on vertical limestone cliffs on the Phillipine island of Palawan.  So perhaps the species range is much more extensive than originally believed.

Nepenthes campanulata is a compact grower that reaches maturity at 6”-8” across or smaller.  It produces monomorphic pitchers (no distinct uppers) and does not produce climbing stems, instead preferring to spread amongst the limestone cliffs via underground basal shoots.  Its compact size makes it ideal for terrariums on windowsills or under grow lights. We have found this species does best in intermediate tropical conditions with slightly more shade than other Nepenthes. The cooler temperature preference has been puzzling since it grows at sea level; however, perhaps the shade of the cliffs and the cool water dripping through the limestone give it a preference for a cooler micro-climate.  Though many people supplement its potting mixes with mineral soils, it doesn’t seem absolutely necessarily as we have seen beautiful specimens cultivated in completely organic media (such as sphagnum moss or coco husk).  The plants for sale are Borneo Exotics, BE-3044. They are a mix of assorted clones with both males and females.

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