Nepenthes Ehsan's Incompetence (smilesii x sibuyanensis), CAR-0010

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Nepenthes Ehsan's Incompetence is a hybrid grex between Nepenthes smilesii and Nepenthes sibuyanensis we made years ago.  It's tolerant of a wide range of temperatures and humidity fluctuations which it derives from parents that are similarly tolerant.  

We've had to wait years to release this cross because we needed to ensure they were true.  Drew unfortunately missed the seed harvest due to the excessive amount of travel his manager was sending him on at the time.  Have you ever had a manager who was utterly unqualified for their position?  Did you ever work with somebody who had utterly no clue what they were doing?  Have you ever felt like your boss was having you run around like a chicken with its head cut off?  Well then, perhaps Nepenthes Ehsan's Incompetence is the plant for you. 

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