Nepenthes maxima x ramispina, BE-3740

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We’ve always been fans of exceptionally dark colored, robust Nepenthes.  Izumiae, leonardoi, robcantleyi and forms of bongso/naga all fall into this category.  But these species can be tricky in their requirements and are mostly slow growing. Ramispina isn’t as exacting in its requirements and exhibits the deep purple coloration we love but the pitchers are more elegant than robust.  

Here’s a cross which we’ve been ever more pleasantly surprised with the longer we’ve grown it.  It combines the robust features and wide peristome of maxima from Gunung Lumut with the color from ramispina.  It’s a vigorous grower in intermediate and highland conditions and holds many pitchers at a time. Highly recommended!  It is a single clone from Borneo Exotics, BE-3740.

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