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Nepenthes mirabilis var. globosa, CAR-0006

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Though Nepenthes mirabilis may be the most widespread of all Nepenthes species, Nepenthes mirabilis var. globosa is limited to just a small number of sites in Thailand.  Locally known amongst Thai growers as “Viking” form many years, these plants produce really cool looking, globose pitchers that are quite variable in color (green, white, red, pink are all possible in any combination of pitcher body and peristome).  We question its taxonomic classification since we believe the ecology of plants to be at least on equal footing than taxonomic considerations. This is especially true when plants grow sympatrically together yet preserve their speciation over time due to their filling of different ecological niches.  We’ve been told that in their native habitats mirabilis var. mirabilis grows alongside mirabilis var. globosa.. The var. mirabilis plants grow on higher ground while the var. globosa plants are often flooded or in more depressed areas and often rooted in the sand. Var globosa also seems to grow a tuberous rootstock like many other Indochinese species whereas var. mirabilis just puts out a dense root system more typical of other Nepenthes.  There is also a mirabilis-Trang variety in cultivation that is var. globosa-like but retains a less globose shape which is somewhere in between var. mirabilis and var. globosa. In any case, the plants available here are seed grown plants from Carnivero. They are best grown in lowland conditions but will also grow well as intermediates for a few months.

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