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Nepenthes mollis (formerly Nepenthes hurrelliana)

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Nepenthes mollis is one of the most stunning and beautiful Nepenthes species. It's a highland plant found growing mainly as a epiphyte in upper montane forests throughout Sarawak, Sabah and Kalimantan.  

It was previously known as Nepenthes hurrelliana but recent research has found it to be heterotropic synonym to the original name mollis (so the name mollis sticks).  

The type sold here originates from Gunung Murud in Sarawak.  Forms from this location are the most beautiful we've observed due to their robust pitcher size and tendency to produce upper pitchers (many other forms from other areas rarely produce uppers).   The plant would best be grown as a highlander.  Nepenthes mollis is extremely rare in cultivation and is a VERY slow grower when small but they really pick up the pace once they hit 3"-4".  These plants are well established and growing vigorously.

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