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Nepenthes naga Dark

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Nepenthes naga is a recently described species from the Barisan range in Indonesia.  There’s a lot of similarities between this species and bongso but the distinguishing characteristics are leaf shape and an amazing sub-apical lid appendage reminiscent of the shape of a dragon tongue, thus the name "naga" which translates to "dragon" in Bahasa Indonesia.  We’ve observed some plants growing in mid elevation forest so we tried growing them under intermediate conditions where they have thrived (although they also like our highland greenhouse as well).

The plants for sale are seed grown.  And although not all naga are uniform in color, there seems to be some populations with incredibly dark pitchers.   We’ve included photos of our larger plants. They tend to produce plum coloration as they open and then fade to purple/black as they age.  They have a waxy texture which serves to reflect light off the peristome. It’s hard to capture the full beauty of these plants even with a DSLR camera.  

This product is considered a Highland Tropical plant.  Please see our Shipping and Guarantees policy for cold/hot weather shipping guidelines.

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