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Nepenthes ovata, BE-3133

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This highland species comes from the Barisan Range in Sumatra.  It’s a stunning species. The robust lower pitchers have wide, flared peristomes that can be orange, yellow or red with beautiful striping.  The lower pitchers often darken as they mature. The upper pitchers have colorful striping on the peristomes and are infundibular shaped. We’ve found this species to be quite a climber and have had plants with stems >15 feet long.  

We’ve observed Nepenthes ovata fill a similar ecological niche in Sumatra as its Bornean cousin, Nepenthes veitchii.  The two have similar looking pitchers and grow epiphytically in mid montane forests. Nepenthes ovata doesn’t seem to grow on the summit alongside the other Nepenthes species at the locations we observed but we haven’t traveled to all the mountains it grows on.  The plants available are from Borneo Exotics, BE-3133.

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