Nepenthes Song of Melancholy x (spectabilis x talangensis), CAR-0043

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We expect the color from these plants to be absolutely outstanding!  Song of Melancholy was of one Leilani Nepenthes's signature crosses and is believed to be Nepenthes boschiana x (spectabilis x veitchii).  The male parent is the Borneo Exotics selected clone of spectabilis x talangensis which has a gorgeous squat shape and a color unlike any other Nepenthes we have encountered.  It opens up bright yellow and striped and slowly darkens to a deep purple on the edges as the interior stays yellow.  We've noticed offspring from this plant to exhibit the same characteristic so there's a lot to look forward to.  The plants should grow well under a wide range of conditions.

Plants are seed grown unless otherwise specified. 

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