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Nepenthes truncata (d) x Pasian Red, CAR-0103

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Nepenthes truncata is one of largest Nepenthes species and one of the most spectacular.  It's a Phillipines endemic, native to the islands of Mindanao, Dinagat and Leyte.  There's a wide variation of morphology and habitats across its range.  Each one is unique and beautiful and we're happy to be working to line breed the best of this beautiful species.

This is a cross between two of our reddest truncata forms.  (d) is a beautiful red color form with a extremely flared peristome.  The Pasian form of truncata grows in the same range as Nepenthes robcantleyi and can be grown well under highland conditions (although we keep it in our lowland room with our other truncatas and it does well there too).  It produces beautiful red bodied pitchers with striped peristomes that darken as they age.  Juvenile truncata plants often take a while to express their adult characteristics.  We expect these plants to be very colorful with striped peristomes as they mature.

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