Nepenthes truncata (d) x lowii Trusmadi, CAR-0061

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This cross and its reverse cross are quite possibly the world's most stunning, large and beautiful Nepenthes.  We've used our exceptional truncata (d) "Red Flush" crossed with our stunning Nepenthes lowii Trusmadi. We're offering a very limited number of seed grown plants at this time.  The plants released are the fastest growing in the batch and have proved themselves to be very vigorous.

In general, we've found truncata x lowii and lowii x truncata to be steady growers under a wide variety of conditions.  Though they perform best under intermediate and highland conditions, we've grown them as lowlanders for a few months and they don't seem to skip a beat in growth although pitcher color and size may be reduced when grown warm. 

Photo 1 shows the parent plants.  Photo 2 shows the plants for sale.  All the other photos are from different truncata x lowii and lowii x truncata in our collection.  The cross has tremendous potential with a wide range of possibilities.


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