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Nepenthes veitchii "Psychedelic"

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Nepenthes veitchii "Psychedelic" is a captivating and highly sought-after female clone in our breeding program. Known for its extraordinary pitcher coloration and striking patterns, "Psychedelic" is a true gem among Nepenthes enthusiasts.

The pitchers of Nepenthes veitchii "Psychedelic" display a mesmerizing array of colors, ranging from vibrant shades of green, yellow, and red. These pitchers often exhibit intricate patterns and markings, resembling psychedelic and otherworldly designs. The combination of vivid colors and intricate patterns creates a visually stunning and captivating display.

This product is considered a Intermediate Tropical plant.  Please see our Shipping and Guarantees policy for cold/hot weather shipping guidelines.

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