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Philodendron tortum

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Philodendron tortum is one of the most bizarre species in the genus.  Its leaves open up in a corkscrew fashion and are very elongated and thin with "branching".  In nature, it grows as an epiphyte.  It's really a must have for the collector.

Like most Philodendrons, this variety prefers moist but well-draining soil and some humidity.  As it climbs, it should be staked or allowed to climb up moss poles.  In higher humidity environments, numerous aerial roots will form which gives the plants a beautiful look.  The species prefers brighter light than most of the broad leafed Philodendrons.

This product is considered an Intermediate Tropical plant.  Please see our Aroid Shipping guidelines and Shipping and Guarantees policy.  Please note, this species has very brittle leaves.  We do our best to package them with a lot of padding but a broken leaf may be unavoidable.  Please take care as you unpack them.

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