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Pinguicula Collection, Butterworts Growing Kit

Regular price $29.99

Kick off your Pinguicula collection with a variety of bundles!  Pinguiculas, also known as butterworts, are recognized for their succulent-like leaves, geometric appearance, and sticky traps to catch flying insects and other pests.  They are considered one of the easiest carnivorous plants to grow.  All varieties grow well under a wide range of conditions and are excellent candidates for windowsill plants.  This set includes your choice of Pinguiculas, pots, and soil for each plant.

This collection includes plants, pots, and soil. The plants will be randomly selected and may differ from the photos. Please note that many Pinguicula go dormant and may appear different or be smaller during this stage.

This product is considered a Intermediate Tropical plant.  Please see our Shipping and Guarantees policy for cold/hot weather shipping guidelines.

Most of our products come with multiple shipping options.  For those that are unpotted, you can add Pots and Soil or Hanging Baskets a la carte.

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