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Platycerium ridleyi, Ridley's Staghorn Fern

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Platycerium ridleyi, showcased on a kokedama, is a stunning botanical pairing. Ridley's Staghorn Fern, as it is commonly known, elegantly graces the spherical kokedama with its antler-like fronds. The combination blends natural aesthetics with a touch of Japanese artistry, offering a unique and eye-catching display. The kokedama accentuates the fern's epiphytic nature, making it an enchanting addition to any botanical arrangement or living space. 

We recommend mounting the fern to a wood plank as it grows for a long term piece of botanical art.

This product is considered an Intermediate Tropical plant.  Please see our Aroid Shipping guidelines and Shipping and Guarantees policy.

All plants for sale were produced from spores.

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