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Anthurium crystallinum Dark x (h), CAR-0211

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Anthurium crystallinum is an easy growing species famous for its intricantly veined leaves.  The foliage opens up a metallic green with yellow/red tones and slowly darkens to dark green.  We used our "Dark" clone A crossed with our dark clone "H" which stands out for its sharp patterning, outstanding color and red leaf margins.  Given these genetics, we think these should be some of the most outstanding anthuriums.

Note that many A. crystallinum circulating in cultivation are "bench hybrids" with complex parentage from origins in Hawaii/Florida/Indonesia/Thailand.  The crystallinum produced here are bred from our from selected stock plants imported Ecuador.  They seem much more consistent with the species type description though there's probably still work to be done to fully elucidate their exact origin.  

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