Nepenthes adrianii x [lowii x (veitchii x northiana)], CAR-0002

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This is one of the first hybrids released from Carnivero’s breeding stable.  Up for auction is a seed raised Nepenthes adrianii x [lowii x (veitchii x northiana)].  The mother plant is an gorgeous seed raised Nepenthes adrianii native to Java. This species is not widely available in cultivation and is very closely related to Nepenthes spathulata (except that it’s colored deep red).  The father plant is an extremely vigorous Nepenthes lowii x (veitchii x northiana) selected for its color and size. The first photos show the parent plants and the next show plants representative of those that will be sent out.  This cross will be a winner for sure! We expect it to grow best as on the intermediate to cool side but it should do well over a wide range of conditions. 

Photo 1 use with permission from "nepenthesnerd" on IG.

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