Happy Easter! Nepenthes and Aroid inventory update, 4/4 @ 8PM CST

Florawave Grown Plants

Florawave P85 Growing Shelves for Venus Flytraps (200-300 PPFD)

Sarracenia under arrays of Florawave P85 (400-500 PPFD)

Challenging Nepenthes under Florawave S40 (60-85 PPFD)

Heliamphora Thrive Under Florawave P85 Arrays (500-600 PPFD)

Drosera Under Florawave P85 Arrays (400-500 PPFD)

Nepenthes Grown Under Florawave P85 (300-400 PPFD)

Up Next: Nepenthes Lighting Response

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