Nepenthes lingulata, BE-3463

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Nepenthes lingulata hails from the Barisan range in Sumatra.  It is renowned for producing a long, tongue-like appendage from beneath the lid of its purple pitchers.  The plants for sale here are a tissue culture clone from Borneo Exotics (BE-3463) which has been confirmed as the pure species lingulata.  I have found it to be grow well under typical highland conditions.

There have been many plants sold as lingulata that were actually hybrids and did not produce the tongue-like appendage.  These have included tissue cultured plants from nurseries in Europe as well as seed released plants from many sources. We’ve even grown quite a few seed grown plants that ended up being hybrids in our nursery.  The plants for sale here are the real deal! They are the exact clone in all the photos.

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