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Florawave vs. GE LED Grow Light (Medium Light Grow Shelf)

Here's a head to head comparison between the Florawave S40FS2.3 and the GE 4ft LED Grow Light for a common grow shelf configuration.  Very few LED grow lights publish any specifications and this was one of the few models with available specs.  Here's the assumptions:

  • Light suspended 2 feet above shelf.  Shelf is 4 feet long x 2 feet wide.
  • PPFD of 41-58µmol m⁻² s⁻¹.  This would be considered optimal for many carnivorous genera like Nepenthes, aroids and other tropicals and medium light orchids.
  • Average of a 14 hour photoperiod (12 hours winter, 16 hours summer, 14 hours spring/fall)
  • PPF output within 2% (90µmol s⁻¹ GE vs 92µmol s⁻¹ Florawave).
  • Electric cost of $.15/KW.  (average cost in the USA.  Can be 2x or more in Europe)
  • Air conditioning removes heat generated from the lights for the warmer months (half the year).
  • Fluorescent bulbs are replaced every year.

RESULTS: The Florawave P85FS2.3 cost are initially the same and it provides a 33% cost savings in electrical costs by year 5 while producing 2% more PPF.  Furthermore, the grow environment would be a cooler overall local environment with the lower heat output of the high efficiency LEDs. (see Thermal Considerations for more discussion on this).

Other Cost Comparisons:

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